About Us

J.S HARVEST INFLATE is a professional inflatable structure design and production company. We constantly upgrade technology, research and development update product line. We design and manufacture of the inflate products adopt environmental protection of synthetic fiber coating material, achieve a more portable, more solid, more nice.

We invented the inflatable structure light, and named the lighting balloon. After years of design and development, and now the balloon lamp has eight major product lines and a variety of style, to create different effects, to adapt to all kinds of indoor outdoor environment, fully cooperate with various themes, meet activities need

We design and manufacture of the inflate structure will bring you an unprecedented use and visual experience, a variety of structure such as exhibition rack panels, rooms, outdoor yurt, etc can help fleetly, fastest just 5 minutes. Also can use at cooperate with light, and the inflate structure can be put in bags are easy to carry.

Inflatable model design and production, we will make a large number of latest technology involved in this. We made inflate model geometric amplification each brand products, height reduction genuine intact, detail similarity degree is up to 90%.

Quality and innovation is J.S HARVEST INFLATE to the market's promise, with more and more innovative product launch, no matter from visual or quality, all can provide users with satisfactory results